Histology, cytology and embryology


A brief history

The Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology was founded in 1946, headed by professor, PhD, N. Kuznetsov – a personality endowed with a vast general knowledge, art skills, and research experience. N. Kuznetsov together with his first assistants: S. Koschin, N. Colesnicov, M. Selin, L. Otelin, and A. Negovschi have represented almost for 15 years the teaching staff of the Department, which provided the academical process and endowed the Department with didactic materials. In 1962 the Department staff enriched itself with other new members as N. Ceres, associate professor, already having PhD thesis, then P. Gusac and V. Bulhac assistant professors, which soon became associate professors. New members were enrolled, within the didactic-scientific activity of the Department during 1965-1968: C. Arnaut, V. Bodiu M. Cassian, N. Eşanu, I. Siman, V. Vozian.

After the retirement of professor N. Kuznetsov (1970), the Department was headed by professor I. Yakovlev (1970-1972), followed by professor, Honored person of the Republic of Moldova, V. Jita (1972-1992) one of the disciples of the academician V. Cuprianov. During 1968-1980, within the Department there were enrolled A. Ciornîi and T. Iordan as senior lecturers, E. Onea and A. Darie as associate professors. After retirement in 1992, V. Jita continued his activity at the Chair as a professor and since 2002 as a professor-consultant.

In 1992 the Head of the Chair was elected professor N. Eşanu who improved and modernised the methodical and didactic activity, promoting the training master programs and then including young teachers into the Department staff. This allowed a careful selection of new members of the Department. During this period of time there were employed – E. Pelin, M. Bancila, L. Şaptefraţi, V. Fulga, T. Globa, T. Ştefaneţ, A. Cazac, V. Mazuru L. Rudico. With this new flow of young teachers, possessing information technologies and foreign (modern) languages, the reorganization of the training process of the students was started. The implementation of new forms of the assessment of students’ knowledge (test-editor), the self-assessment computerized program was really timely. From 2006 professor V. Rîvneac is employed at the Chair, the Chief of the Morphology Laboratory.

After the premature death of professor N. Eşanu (2009) the Department is headed by the associate professor L. Şaptefraţi. During this period of time there were employed G. Dumitraș, V. David, as well as for the first time the institute of tutors  was introduced in the university (the students of the fifth and sixth year of studies and/or resident physicians are involved in the teaching process).